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Everyone experiences worry, sadness, and anger as part of being human.  However, those feelings can sometimes become overwhelming, potentially interfering with your relationships and ability to function in your day-to-day life.  Perhaps you are experiencing a current life transition (like having a new baby) or relationship issue, or maybe these are feelings and experiences that you have struggled with for a long time.  In these instances (and many others), therapy can be extremely beneficial.  In therapy we will create a comfortable and supportive environment necessary to help you to improve your well-being and grow personally. I offer individual therapy in a traditional office setting,  or online via a HIPAA compliant web portal. 



Successful relationships are a lot of work.  Whether you are just starting out, engaged, newly married, or have been married for many years, bumps in the road can come up at any time. Couples therapy is for people who want help to safely explore their relationship together and create desired change.  Communication, fidelity, trust building, intimacy issues, and resolving conflict are a few of the many issues that can be addressed in couples counseling.

Premarital Counseling is an important investment in your marriage.  This type of counseling is generally short term and helps each couple open a dialogue to explore what it means to have a successful marriage.  Areas that are most often addressed in premarital counseling include: communication styles, family of origin issues and expectations, areas of potential conflict, finances, family planning, and intimacy.


Pregnancy to Postpartum Wellness Package

I provide planning and coaching for new or expecting couples as they make the transition to parenthood. This package includes two sessions before baby arrives, and a follow-up session once baby is here. Sessions can be in my office or I can come to the couple's home. We discuss expectations and fears, and develop a plan for how each partner can best support the other. Areas addressed include, but are not limited to, bonding with your new baby, plan for nighttime caregiving, determining roles and responsibilities of both parents, how to stay connected as a couple, self-care activities, and what moms and their partners should be aware of in terms of postpartum depression and anxiety.  This package is for first time parents, as well as second or third time parents who would like a different experience this time around. Please contact me directly for additional information.