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Got a minute for your marriage?



I get it… every one is busy, busy, busy! So I am going to share with you one of my favorite relationship resources that really only takes a minute of your time.

The Marriage Minute from the Gottman Institute drops helpful relationship advice to your inbox twice a week. The best part (obviously besides improving your relationship) is that the tips are quick. Seriously, we all have 60 seconds to improve our marriages, right? I thought so.

A while back I signed both me and my partner up for the emails. He had to confirm them, but still, I think it was a pretty slick move.

Anyways… we’ve had a lot of fun with them! Sometimes we will forward the message to each other with a quick comment. Other times a message will spark us to plan a date night, or remind us to express appreciation for each other.

I often recommend that couples that I am seeing in therapy signup for the Marriage Minute as well!

Give it a try! It really is the small things, done often, that strengthen a relationship.